Screenshot Sunday #3

Here we are again on another Sunday morning to bring you a few of the screenshots that have gotten our attention this week.


How To Monetise Your Indie Game

Small studios and hobbyists are now able to get their games out to the world in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago, and there are more opportunities than ever to make a bit of money from your projects.


Screenshot Sunday #2

Cheer up your dreary Sunday with our selection of the most interesting screenshots that users post to Twitter using the #screenshotsaturday tag!


Getting Sound Effects For Your Games

Finding free audio that you can use commercially in your games can be a chore, especially as often the licencing is ambiguous or difficult to find. In this article we show you five sites that we have found to offer a great choice and have the least restrictive licenses to get you started.


Screenshot Sunday #1

We've been working hard today to bring you a roundup of what we consider the most interesting screenshots that users post to Twitter using the #screenshotsaturday tag!


Game Review – See No Evil

Is "See No Evil" an incredibly original puzzle game that you just must play? Well, yes actually! Read our review to find out what makes this game so special...


#GamerGate. WTF?

If you've been paying any attention to social media over the last few weeks, you've undoubtedly seen the hashtag #GamerGate. But do you actually know what's going on? Does anyone? I don't claim to know everything, but in this article I'm going to try and explain what I think this is all about.


Game Review – FTL (Faster Than Light)

FTL is a hybrid of real time strategy and turn-based gameplay which takes place in a procedural universe. Find out what makes this game so great, and why you should get, it in our review.


YoYo Games Confirm Xbox One Export

YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan has announced that they will be partnering with Microsoft to bring the Xbox One to the GameMaker: Studio feature list.


Game Review: Blazin’ Aces

After noticing that Blazin' Aces was selected as YoYo Games’ June Game of The Month, I decided to pick it up for myself and see if it lived up to the award.


YoYo Games Launch Marketplace for GameMaker

YoYo Games, creators of GameMaker: Studio, have just launched a new "Marketplace" for developers which allows them to purchase and sell resources for their games. Get the full scoop here.

Steam Summer Sale Substitutes Thumbnail

Steam Summer Sale Substitutes

If you’re a gamer looking for a better deal, you’ll want to take a look at these three digital video game sale events happening now.

What's Up, Games Industry 5 Image 1

What’s Up, Games Industry (Week 24)

3D plugin for browser applications, Xbox One external hard drives and royalty-free sound effects for your game. Get the biggest weekly news from the games industry right here.

What's Up, Games Industry Week 23 Thumbnail

What’s Up, Games Industry (Week 23)

CryEngine on Steam, a new upcoming GOG - a DRM-free games service - client with added features, Xbox One drivers, new GUI systems and more. Get the biggest weekly news from the games industry right here.